terça-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2010

Há lamechices que me ficam no ouvido... como esta...

"We can do anything at all
Just as long as we stand tall
We can go anywhere from here
Just as long as you're near

Whenever I'm around you
It all seems so clear
If I wasn't such a fool
I'd kiss your lips, my dear

We could be the future and the past
Just as long as we can make it last
We could just let go, very slowly
Cause right now you're filling my head

With so many silly questions
About human chemistry
They're making me uneasy
And soft in my knees

When your heart is trying to tell you something
Not that far from the truth... just do it
And if you try to make the right decisions
based on what you're made of... remember (...)"

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