quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2011


I see the lights at the end of the tunnel. The same i never reach.
I can smell her closely. Hiding in the dark, waiting me to give up. She is just concerned about getting me. Taking control of my mind and soul, until i'm nothing ... without  having a sense of reality. Yes i can feel her hand. Craving me as a drug. She is addicted on me.
No! I can't stop running. And here i go, not knowing where. Just know that quitting is not  an option.
I'm fighting against everything. Against what i can't see. Against me.
Old memories come in flashes. Back into the days when she caught me. Driving me crazy and throwing me into a world of fear. Don't want to be in the same place, where i barely was able to leave.
So I keep on running into the light, knowing that something better awaits me there. will i ever going to achieve it?

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