quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2011

Lie to myself

And if we discover it was all a lie? Another charming story just to beautify the real life? Something well built and assembled, that later he had no ability to deny? If what we have, after all is not existing? Important details were omitted or lies told for whatever reason... and now?
Should we forgive?
Forget it?
Or continue?
What's the use to continue if they lie to us?
What is the worth of fighting for someone who is playing dirty?
How to believe in someone that already lied to us?
There was no reason to lie. It was something so insignificant and small... and yet ... it's a lie ... Now what?
If you suddenly wake up and discover that the cost of that lie, is doubt?
the doubt about every conversations held? Thoughts? Of experiences? Relationships or feelings?
Can we believe? Is it a lie? And what is true in all this?

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