segunda-feira, 18 de junho de 2012

So... sorry.

I say the words without them being understood ... not even heard. The inert gestures of those who want to help but are paralyzed
The arms stretch but do not reach
The lips open but no sound comes out. And finally, discouragement. The same of the ones who wants to be more and better but are stopped by reasons beyond. The same of the ones who wants to be close but every day face a new barrier, even if invisible.
And i swear i try. Running, screaming, hugging, talking. But for what? If i run into the unknown, i scream to who does not hear me, hug the air and talk to someone who don't want to hear me?
Why am i here if this "earth" is not part of the map?
What good is being here if I do not even exist?

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