segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012

Coloured friend

When i've noticed, i was surrounded. Maybe by hundred people there, in the streets, dressed in green, white and red, painted in the same colours. Drinking. Laughing. Talking. Cheering. Away of the tears, constantly seen on TV. They were not making a party. They were the party.
And being there, was what i wanted. To be away of Germany for some hours. To stop speaking german and pretend i was into other country. Get drunk of all the enthusiasm, forget the problems, let go the weight of my suitcase and just... breathe!
And there i was... everyone was having a happiness time, even me, with friends, strangers, beer and photos but then it got me! It all started with the language, that sweet melody, always good to listen, then the joy of everything and then, sadness... i miss you. I miss having you near. I miss the sound of your laughs every time we speak. Miss our conversations and i miss... everything.
A call is not something that can easily substitute all this, but sometimes it's enough to calm down myself. An email also. A text message have the power to restart me partying... So thank's, to be my favourite "Green-white-red" friend, to be as you are and to remind me why i'm here!
The ten minute hug will for sure be soon!

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