segunda-feira, 19 de novembro de 2012


It's late. The time, us, me, you and the rest of the world. The words were said. Explanations not. They remain inside me, inside you, inside a tiny box that we fear to open.
It's never the time to say it. There's always something first. A misunderstanding, a moment, other one... but never the reasons why we keep on doing this.
We were friends at the first sight.. and now...sometimes we seem old enemies... the loving days seem a distant memory or only an ilusion... maybe we were dreaming? Or probably we are just tired of this situation?
I wanna go back. Back to the moments of laughing. Back to the smiles, the lights of the city center, the "hiting the lady in the head", the running, the crowd, the happiness, the feeling of joy. I wanna go back to the days when we didn't needed a computer to explain things. I want to feel the hapiness i lost when you went away.
Yes, it's late but i still need to tell. I'm tired of making you a secret of mine. Like if you didn't had a value on my life. You have! A lot! And since you went away i don't know what else to do, to laugh with, to go... i want you closer to my life... again. And forever. Cause you, you are the one to make me feel alive here... for the very first time in Germany... and even if i don't know why i like you so much, i know what i want. So, sorry for all the bad moments, the bad words, the discussions... i need you, even if i said the opposite. Even if i treated you like other person you are not... I wanna go back and return to be happy.

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