sábado, 26 de janeiro de 2013


"I promise". It was a word that used to make sense for me. Till you break it in half... and again... and again till only pieces left...
And i guess i was not strong enough. Somehow, somewhere, sometime... things stopped having meaning. What's the point of promising if you're not going to keep the promise? Or at least, make it easily to be forgotten in the minute after.
I never believed in things so easily. Trusting in people was always difficult, but you made it easier. How could i not trust? First of all you are my friend, always there when i needed, here when we wanted... so what changed?
And now that life was making sense again... nothing. I try to ask: "what's going on?", in search of answers... but always the same excuse: "It's your fault"...  And it's not what i asked... i need answers, i need to know what's wrong... i want to fight against it... but yet... "it's my fault"... So i shut my mouth. Shut my mind and my heart.
Somethings never change. Some promises are impossible to keep. And sometimes, our  will isn't enough to make it better.
My words took another dimension. Out of control. Without seeing it. And now i'm the enemy i never was, saying bad things hidden on pretty words. A weight too heavy for me to understand. Or carry.
And i can't take it anymore... I need you to fight this time. Or else, everything is going to end... that easily... for a stupid thing. I don't have more strenght to prove that i'm not the one you paint on your head in moments of misunderstandings. When all i wanted was... love you.