domingo, 2 de junho de 2013

Feeling of the day

Sometimes it happens to me too... Those places where you first feel at home and then, you are embraced by a nostalgic feeling. Like that. When you notice, it's too late already! No turning back. Today was a day like that. Feeling tired of two countries in only one place. A will of saying "fuck" to everything and just go. Burn the world and fly to another one. Better. Special. Far. 
It would be great. Easy. But almost impossible. 
During days, weeks, last month, I've been feeling that way. I know why. And I know I could resolve all in one action or word. But my throat gets dry everytime a word is about to come out. My senses say one thing but my heart says another. My soul wants a different thing and my body is tied up. Soon I will resolve all. Soon I will undress this nostalgic dress that my days transformed into. I just need the courage. And I will be free.

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